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Recovering from Religion - The purpose of this webring is to link together sites which provide support and promote healing for those who have left

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Recovering from Religion

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The purpose of this webring is to link together sites which provide support and promote healing for those who have left religious fundamentalism. If you are an ex-believer with a homepage or website detailing your exit from religion, or if your site contains support resources for those who have left or are leaving a dogmatic religion, consider adding your page/site to our ring.

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   Philosophy of Religion Preview Go
Featuring a book campaigning against belief in the persistence of persons as souls in a spiritual hereafter, knowledge claims about the existence and the nature of God, and the prudential considerations of religious morality.
   Leaving Christianity Preview Go
Resources for ex-Christians. Deconversion stories, links to forums, discussions, books and other sites of interest. A "meta-resource" on leaving Christianity.
   Questioning: An Examination of Christian Belief Preview Go
This site helps fence-sitters ask questions that can free them from religion. A new section on Mental Health and Christian Belief helps guide those recovering from religion to a healhy inner state.

   Recovering from Religion Web Ring Information Preview Go
Recovering from Religion Web Ring membership guidelines and detailed information on how to join.
   Shattering the Sacred Myths - Evolutionary Metaphysics Preview Go
Examines the conflict between science and religion, and helps to dispel the myths and superstitions that have long been used as an excuse for political and religious extremism.
   Feathered Onion - Creation of Life in the Universe Preview Go
Clive Trotman's critically acclaimed book: The Feathered Onion - Creation of Life in the Universe (Wiley, 2004). This is a fresh approach from an experienced scientist, directed to a popular readership. Extracts of reviews with links, summary of contents, author background.
   Derrick's Atheism Page Preview Go
Ex-Christian showing errors and contradictions in the Bible.
   The Salvation Thing Preview Go
A central theme of the message contained in the biblical text seems to me to assert that I - along with all other human beings - need to be saved from something. But the whole process is logically flawed. It just doesn't make sense.
   Religious Disclaimer Preview Go
During one phase of my life I was one of what are generally regarded as religious people. During this time, I studied the Bible with a fanatic intensity. Consequently, in the context of this book, I feel I must now state my history and clarify my present position regarding religious belief.
   Biblical Tithing Preview Go
Tithing - giving one tenth of your increase - is not the same kind of thing as giving one tenth or your wage or salary. It is systemically different and cannot be equated to it or implemented on the same basis within the context of a modern capitalist free-market economy.

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