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The Ecofeminist Webring - The NEW Ecofeminist Webring. This web-ring is for pages devoted to the blossoming philosophy and social movement that ha

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The Ecofeminist Webring

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The NEW Ecofeminist Webring. This web-ring is for pages devoted to the blossoming philosophy and social movement that has come to be known as ecofeminism. All genuine parties are invited to explore these pages. Ecofeminism has many strands. Pages aware to the critiques of essentialism are especially encouraged. Suggestions for pages include maybe an ecofeminist slant on animal ethics, technology, 'race', art, history of science, cosmetic surgery... the possibilities are endless! (Under New Ownership. Fixed Up and Ready to Go!)


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   Ecofeminism & Equality Preview Go
When you see an injustice, do you feel you have options? Environmentalists think so and so do feminists.
   I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur Preview Go
Response to PeTA's Campaign against fur, from an ecofeminist perspective.
   What is Ecofeminism Anyway? Preview Go
Do you remember the first time you heard the word "ecofeminism"? Despite its novelty, it probably resonated a familiarity since "ecology" and "feminism" are common words. Who put these two concepts together and why? Does the combination of "eco" and "feminism" make sense? Is there a need for this new term?

   The Shamanic Dimensions Preview Go
Ecofeminism and Shamanism.
   Our Blood, Our Selves Preview Go
Ecofeminism, menstruation and understanding our role as women on the earth.
   Nature As Female Preview Go
The popular poster of planet Earth with the line "Love Your Mother" is cute and creative. Yet Catherine Roach alerts us to potential problems of anthropomorphizing Earth as mother in light of traditional patriarchal attitudes toward motherhood.
   Ecofeminist Book Reviews Preview Go
Ecofeminist Books and Ecofriendly Books.
   Give Me A Vegetable Friendly Refrigerator! Preview Go
WAR: My Fridge Vs My Vegetables.
   Beijing 95: A Pale Green Preview Go
40,000 women gather in China to discuss matters, including ecofeminism.
   Men's Waste Preview Go
While environmental crimes abound, we wish to direct attention to a disgusting misdemeanor that receives little publicity. It is the familiar sight of a man facing a wall, his back huddled, hands at crotch level, polluting the pavement with his urine.

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