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Psychoeducational Sites - This webring offers Psychoeducation on mental health disorders. You can learn all about the various disorders such as bi

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Psychoeducational Sites

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Manager: kazorek
This webring offers Psychoeducation on mental health disorders. You can learn all about the various disorders such as bipolar, schizophrenia, the dissociative disorders, personality disorders, PTSD, and more.

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   The Trinity Pages Preview Go
A personal site about trauma and recovery. Includes extensive resources (links), plus original content on various topics such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, self injury, and panic-anxiety.
   Bipolar Preview Go
My experience with Bipolar, a description of it and some support information
   Frankie's Joint Preview Go
Personal journal/blog about life with Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, PTSD, and Borderline Personality Disorder. I'm one fucked-up kitty.

   My Big Fat Bipolar Disorder Preview Go
My Big Fat Bipolar Disorder is intended to be a memoir of my long-term, ongoing struggles with bipolar disorder. I am a woman with bipolar disorder and a Master's in psych. I hope that others impacted by bipolar will find this information useful.
   StopBadTherapy.com Preview Go
To reform the mental health industry by requiring informed consent. Hypnosis, "recovered memories," False Memory Syndrome, and how to report or sue a therapist.
   Laughing Bipolar: A Laid-Back, Somewhat Humorous Approa Preview Go
This site was created, and is maintained, as a resource for those affected by, or otherwise interested in Bipolar Disorder. It acknowledges the importance of education, as well as humor in healing. Also included is an area for submissions of poetry, prose (including true personal stories),
   The DID Puzzle Preview Go
This web site can be used as a tool to aid you as you work toward healing with your counselor or helper. It focuses on the issues that most people with DID/MPD need to work through to gain complete healing. It contains articles, audios, videos, books, and studies.
   Masked Maidens' Main Room And Poetry Parlor Preview Go
Masked Maidens' Main Room And Poetry Parlor
   The Limbic Region Emotion Central Preview Go
A safe haven for those to come together and be able to talk without fear of discrimination, or the be gawked at by the perpetators of stigmatism. On the web site you may store your poems, view art, read collections of quotes, etc. On the groups, share your thoughts & meet with others like yourself.
   Psychological Research Preview Go
This site contains ongoing information on research conducted by the author of the page. Current research is being conducted on the personality trait of "Complexity." The site contains many other features regarding research in psychology.

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