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Backyard Wildlife - A collection of websites promoting various wildlife in our own backyards and gardens. These sites show the diversity of

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Backyard Wildlife

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Manager: hum_one
A collection of websites promoting various wildlife in our own backyards and gardens. These sites show the diversity of wildlife in North America that visit our lives and that we choose to observe, learn from and care for near our own homes.

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   My So Called Pond Life Preview Go
A Blog with updates of my backyard pond! Links to other pond related sites, pond polls, and message boards and feedback from posts! Check it out
   Florida Wildlife Preview Go
This part of my site is dedicated to the wildlife we find around here. You'll find information on animals I encounter in my own backyard and others I rarely encounter myself, but that are common elsewhere in Central Florida.
   Mark's Hummingbirds Preview Go
Unique images of hummingbirds along with the story of one black-chinned hummingbird family. A few tips, hummer sounds, observations, and links to enjoy hummers are included.

   Backyard Shenanigans Preview Go
This blog was created to document my efforts to build a backyard habitat in the western suburbs of Chicago.
   Lady Anne's Garden of Eden Preview Go
Lady Anne's Garden of Eden, total atmosphere with several decks, waterfalls, hummingbirds, ponds, butterflies, scores of native and specialty foilage and complete relaxation. May these pages give you ideas for creating you own bit of heaven on earth.
   Lizz Burris Personal Webpages Preview Go
Photos of my life on a farm in North Central Arkansas, including local wildlife-White-tail Deer, Canadian Geese and many others. A complete page is dedicated to my favorite-the Ruby Throated Hummingbird. Come see my little piece of paradise.
   Birds in Your Backyard Preview Go
Did you know the perfect lawn may not be the best thing to have around your house? When it comes to pesticides, we have a choice. There are alternatives that are safer, cheaper and better. Find info about organic food, birds, bats, butterflies and more.
   Colibri, Beija Flor, Tz'unun Preview Go
Rufous Hummingbirds visiting our Southern California feeders.
   Von's nature loving ways includes my love of family. Preview Go
My all time favorite little bird, is the wee jewels, the hummingbird. I can't see enough of them, I love my critters too, so I am happy to help found two clubs, one is hummingbird lovers club and the other is Natures Wonders. I want it all to last for my great grand children to enjoy. So when I see forest torn down, I most certainly am concerned for my wildlife friends and birds. Von in Michigan
   Avant-Gardening: Creative Organic Gardening Preview Go
YOU CAN GROW! - We nurture ourselves as we nurture our gardens, renewing our connection with the earth and her beauty, thereby reducing stress on the world's finite resources, and strengthening our community as a whole in the process - we can pool our enthusiasm, our resources, our knowledge, and, together, we can grow. Extensive information about Organic Gardening, Soil Building, Composting, Companion and Bio

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