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Liquid Shadows - For those that lurk unseen within the shadows of day and night. Like liquid, we ooze and slither, surviving amoung those

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Liquid Shadows

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For those that lurk unseen within the shadows of day and night. Like liquid, we ooze and slither, surviving amoung those that cannot or will not see. Gather here the sites that lay within this darkness and those that one day hope to merge with us.

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CEO Visits UMW Industrial Power Sdn Bhd in Malaysia - 11/15/2016
Our CEO is delighted to be spending time in Malaysia with our new Strategic Partner in the Fire Safety sector, UMW. We are proud to confirm the new partnering with UMW Industrial Power Sdn Bhd (UMW) as our Fire Safety Partner. The UMW Group is a leading Industrial Enterprise with diverse and global interest in the Automotive, Equipment, Manufacturing and Engineering, and Oil and Gas Industries with 7 branches in Malaysia. We see this exciting teaming as a reflection of the long historical and strong trading ties between the United Kingdom and Malaysia.

Our CEO Dr Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter says, “I greatly admire UMW Industrial Power Sdn Bhd and the President of UMW Equipment Division Mr Lee Chin Win and am grateful for UMW wishing to become our exclusive Strategic Partner, Fire Safety in Malaysia to encompass all of our products for the fire sector but primarily our fixed monitoring system Permalevel™ Multiplex for high asset value customers seeking to secure risk mitigation of their clean agent systems and business continuity and to become our ODA Service Station for its installation and maintenance in 2017.”

President of UMW Equipment Division: Mr Lee Chin Min says: “UMW Industrial Power Sdn Bhd is proud to be a business partner with Coltraco Ultrasonic Limited to deliver the latest Safesite & Safeship monitoring system technologies to the Malaysian customers at critical infrastructure on land and at sea. We are truly honoured to work with Coltraco to enhance and strengthen the safety performance at these infrastructures in Malaysia.”

Mr Desmond Lin, Senior Manager UMW says, “We enjoyed a great meeting and shared the history and business structure of UMW with Dr Hunter… I am looking forward to great business opportunities between UMW and Coltraco.”

Read more on Coltraco Blog to stay updated with our activities and news

About Coltraco
Coltraco is well known for its Portalevel the ultrasonic level indicator that completely revolutionized the ways of measuring liquids on the industrial scale. In the past measuring liquids was a great hassle and most industries suffered many losses when they couldn’t control the use of liquids in manufacturing and other processes. As the world advanced so its need for a sophisticated liquid measuring device became undeniable.

Coltraco successfully replaced the old liquid level indicator with its powerful devices and with the passage of time they were upgraded to meet the modern industry challenges all over the globe.

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